The trouble with having an open mind...

is that people are going to try and put things in it.

● sword vs pen//round one ●

Name: Pilar, one of my many aliases. (This one's from Spanish class.) I respond to pretty much anything, though.
Age: Highschooler. Driver's license possessor.
Gender: Female <3
About Me: I don't really know what to say about myself. I'm a fan of anime and manga, I love to read, cosplay, draw, and write, and I post about it in my journal. I'm energetic and optimistic, and I have way too much energy for a sane person. I love people, so feel free to add me as a friend by leaving a comment on the post at the top of my page :) My journal is f-locked, so if you friend me without doing that or dropping me a message, I'll probably be forced to ignore you, and believe me, I won't like doing that. For a not-so complete list of my interests, scroll down :P
Journal: Consists of real-life stories, rants, momentous occasions, the occasional meme, art post, writing post, fandom-related babble, cosplay photos, and links to things I find interesting.
Also: I love people. As I said before. If you friend me, expect me to comment on your stuff, because I'm pretty active. I'd love it if you kept in touch with me, as well!

Now have a lovely day, mmkay?

● vivarei//pilar ●

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